Bulletproof, Ballistic Doors

bullet proof doors

Our elegant steel door range offers more than exceptional strength; they provide impenetrable security.

With an extensive selection of blast-proof and bullet-proof security doors, our solutions can offer protection beyond forced entries.

Our bullet-resistant security doors are highly sought after, especially by clients in the jewellery store industry.

Ensuring the utmost security for residential, communal, or commercial spaces is paramount for safeguarding valuable assets and personal safety.

Key features:

  • Embassy doors
  • Jewellery shopfronts
  • High security commercial doors
  • Interlocking doors
  • Fire exit doors
  • Fire and bulletproof doors

Bulletproof Doors for Jewellery Stores, Homes, and Residential Areas

Ensuring the highest level of security in households, communal areas, and businesses is crucial for safeguarding both belongings and well-being.

A specifically tailored front door security solution within this overall setup is crucial, although it often goes unnoticed by homeowners and business proprietors. Startling statistics reveal that nearly 70 percent of all break-ins occur through front doors in contemporary times.

Front entrance doors are widely acknowledged as the most vulnerable component in the security framework of residential and business premises. They demand meticulous attention to detail and a carefully planned design, especially in hostile environments, to provide optimal protection.

At Door World, we offer impeccable bulletproof doors and windows designed to enhance the security of both homes and businesses. Our products cater to various budgets while ensuring they are both stylish and practical, meeting the diverse security needs of our clients regardless of location or property type.

If you are actively seeking a reliable manufacturer of various security solutions for homes and businesses, do not hesitate to contact our team today. We assure you a bespoke bulletproof door solution that will transform any building into an impregnable fortress. Our bulletproof doors are especially popular among  jewellery stores, offering an effective security solution tailored to the unique needs and concerns of such a business.

Bulletproof Doors: Unmatched Security for Jewellery Stores and Beyond

Securing jewellery stores and various properties demands top-tier protection, and our bulletproof doors have become a popular choice among discerning clients seeking unparalleled security.

Stringent Standards for Jewellery Businesses

Jewellery businesses operate under strict standards, necessitating customized security measures. Mandated by insurance companies, tailored security is integral to deterring theft and ensuring peace of mind.

Establishing Trust with Bulletproof Doors

Our bulletproof doors, reinforced with ballistic glass, create a trustworthy atmosphere for clients. Unmatched security levels provided by our doors offer assurance to both business owners and customers.

Versatile Security Solutions

It’s not just jewellery stores; our bulletproof doors are ideal for homes, businesses, and residential areas. Impenetrable security is vital for safeguarding belongings and residents in diverse environments.

Comprehensive Security Features

Each door option we offer provides bespoke protection against different caliber bullets and heavy-duty power tools break-ins. Meticulously crafted with enhanced steel door leaves and specialized security glazing, our doors offer tailored bullet-resistant solutions.

Wide Range of Applications

Our ballistic door solutions are adaptable for various settings, including military operations, police stations, court buildings, train stations, holding rooms, office buildings, safe rooms, and specialized areas for hazardous goods.

Exceeding Industry Standards

Committed to unparalleled security solutions, our bulletproof doors not only meet but exceed the highest industry standards. The ideal choice for safeguarding valuable assets and ensuring the safety of people in diverse environments.

Ballistic Ratings for Bulletproof Doors

These ratings indicate the type of firearms and ammunitions the bulletproof doors are resistant against, ensuring varying levels of protection according to specific threats.

Rating Level Protection Against
Level I Handguns (e.g., 9mm, .357 Magnum)
Level II Handguns and Small Caliber Rifles
Level IIIA High-Powered Handguns and Shotguns
Level III Rifles (e.g., 7.62mm, .223 Remington)
Level IV Armor-Piercing Rifles
Level V Specialized Threats (e.g., .50 Caliber)

Key Features of Our Bulletproof, Ballistic Doors

When considering bespoke steel door sets for a home, office, or business, it’s crucial to assess the security features offered. Our bulletproof doors from come with a range of advanced features designed to enhance security and provide a peace of mind.

Enhanced Door Frame for Added Rigidity

Our doors feature an enhanced door frame, providing exceptional rigidity and strength. With a frame diameter of up to 115 mm, our bulletproof security doors offer unparalleled stability. Suitable for various applications, including residence doors, garage doors, and more. Explore the superior security and durability of our bulletproof doors, meticulously engineered to meet the highest standards and ensure the safety of a premise.

Drill-Proof Locking Mechanisms

Our doors feature a bespoke multi-lock system with 12 locking points, including 2 operating vertically and 10 enhancing side security. Additional security plating prevents drill usage, ensuring rigid door locks and enhancing overall security.

Reinforced Steel Door Hinges

Door hinges play a crucial role in security; that’s why our hinges undergo rigorous testing for durability. These hinges seamlessly integrate into our door solutions, reinforcing the overall security framework.

Unparalleled Insulation Characteristics

Despite our focus on security, we prioritize comfort as well. Our door sets feature a multilayer rockwool component, providing excellent sound and thermal insulation for a cozy living or business environment.

Bespoke Designs for Every Taste

We understand the importance of aesthetics in security solutions. Our doors offer personalized designs, ensuring they not only provide top-notch security but also complement the client’s architectural preferences.

Tested Longevity and Durability

Our steel security doors are meticulously crafted for longevity. With our products, you’re guaranteed maximum security both now and in the years to come.

Bulletproof Windows with Glazed Glass

Choose from large windows or smaller vision panels without compromising security. Our high-quality, secure window solutions guarantee maximum security levels.

Fire-Resistant Door Option

Accidental or not, fire hazards pose a serious threat to both property and well-being. Our steel security doors are rigorously tested and certified for fire-resistant protection in private buildings, ensuring safety in unforeseen circumstances.

With these advanced security features, our bulletproof doors not only meet but exceed industry standards, offering comprehensive protection for a variety of premises.

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