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Key features of commercial steel doors:

  • Custom sizes and bespoke designs (including high gloss doors)
  • Motorized locking options(operate with any access control system)
  • Laminated security glass as standard
  • Sound insulated doors
  • EI30 and EI60 fire doors
  • 1.7 and 0.95 thermal value doors
  • Ballistic upgrades on request

Door World: Advanced Steel Doors

Door World is proud to introduce the pinnacle of front door solutions available today. Not only do our steel doors incorporate the aesthetic qualities of a timber door, but they also bring forth the unmatched advantages of steel, including burglary resistance, fire resistance, noise reduction, and exceptional insulation against thermal variations, water, and wind.

As a frontrunner in manufacturing high-security doors in the UK, we guarantee our products will surpass your anticipations. The materials used are meticulously chosen, ensuring only the very best are integrated into our offerings.

Our high-security doors stand the test of time, exhibiting a blend of artistic flair coupled with expert craftsmanship and innovation.


Feature Description
Material High-grade steel
Thickness Slim profile
Finish Options Powder coated, Stainless steel, Primed
Standard Sizes (W x H) 900mm x 2100mm, 1000mm x 2100mm (Custom sizes available)
Insulation Polyurethane foam core
Fire Rating Available in 30, 60, and 90-minute ratings
Thermal Efficiency Up to 1.5 W/(m2–K)
Sound Insulation Up to 40db
Security Features Multi-point locking system, Anti-tamper hinges, Drill-resistant plate
Glazing Options Double glazed, Frosted, Tinted, Bullet-resistant
Hardware Options Stainless steel handles, Panic bars, Access control integrations
Weather Sealing Full perimeter sealing for wind and water resistance
Durability Corrosion-resistant, Long-lasting finish, Resistant to wear and tear
Applications Offices, Retail outlets, Factories, Educational institutions
Maintenance Low maintenance due to high-quality finish
Warranty Up to 10 years (varies by manufacturer)

Main Features of Our Steel Doors

1. Burglary Resistance

Class 3:

Enhanced with a specially bent L-shaped 100 mm frame, anchored in the aperture by 16 anti-cut bolts.

The door’s internal construction boasts rigid edges to prevent easy deformation during burglary attempts.

It requires at least one lock of 5th security class or higher, shielded by a drill-resistant manganese plate. All locks are housed within a protective steel box.

Features reinforced adjustable hinges and on the hinge side, four protective pins (16 mm Ø) ensure the door leaf remains secure even if hinges are compromised.

Lock replacement is straightforward, eliminating the need for full door disassembly.

Class 4 Premium:

Incorporates a specially bent L-shaped 115 mm frame, anchored by 16 anti-cut bolts.

Just like the Standard 3, it’s designed with internal rigid edges to deter burglars.

A minimum of 7th security class lock, protected by a manganese plate, is a necessity.

Also includes reinforced hinges, protective pins on the hinge side, and easy-to-replace lock mechanisms.

2. Fire Resistance

  • Standard 3 Doors: Offers protection against fire for up to 30 minutes.
  • Class 4 Premium Doors: Offers extended fire protection, lasting up to 60 minutes.

3. Thermal Insulation

Our steel doors are fully thermally insulated using 50 mm rock wool, ensuring no cold spots. The bent profile leaf structure doesn’t contain closed cavities. With the combination of the L-shaped bent frame and threshold, we achieve unparalleled tightness. The Standard 3 doors have a thermal transmittance of 1.5-1.7 W/(m2–K). Additionally, our ECO house doors offer an impressive 0.95 W/(m2–K).

4. Sound Insulation

Boasting a 43db sound insulation, our steel doors excel in ensuring peace and quiet within a space. The tight design efficiently blocks external odours and smoke.

Technology used in our security doors

To further enhance security, the door locks are reinforced with two plates of drill-resistant Manganese. These locks are encased in a steel protective box, and with six locking points on the outer side, and two more paired directed upward and downwards on the inside, the security is unparalleled. These locking pins are safeguarded by a robust 15mm profile of the door case.

Our door hinges are innovatively designed with 16mm pins, complemented by eight locking points.

For added resilience, we layer the door frames with dual grading layers and an external sheeting layer. This ensures that even if the external layer is tampered with, the internal layer remains intact. We also integrate a double thermal insulation sheet, with pressurised stone wool on either side, achieving excellent noise and thermal insulation.

The finishing touch involves covering this robust door structure with aesthetic finishing boards. The internal casing of the door is reinforced with 17 shafts, shielded by 24mm of steel liners, culminating in a door that is not only secure but also a masterpiece in design.

For further information or queries, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Door World team. The security of your properties is our top priority.

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