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Wholesale Communal Entrance Doors for Flats & Office

Protect your properties with our bespoke communal entrance doors, ensuring both security and peace of mind for residents against uninvited guests and potential break-ins. The Door World team boasts a rich portfolio, having successfully undertaken communal door projects throughout the whole world.

Our track record includes installations in high-end residential estates, gated communities, luxury apartment blocks, affordable housing schemes, and various commercial spaces like offices and retail establishments.

Crafted using only the finest, resilient materials, our communal doors offer an exclusive security solution tailored for both commercial and residential premises.

Should you be in the market for communal door solutions, do reach out to our expert team for professional guidance and tailored recommendations on the best doors for your needs.

Continue reading to explore the key features of our communal doors.

Selecting the Right Communal Door: Factors to Weigh In

Every prospective buyer has distinct criteria for their ideal door. Still, we believe that aesthetics, quality, and utmost security sit atop most wishlists.

This is why our steel communal entrance doors have garnered significant attention. They effortlessly blend beauty, durability, and top-notch security, making them a preferred choice for both workspaces and residences.

Our diverse range caters to varied budgetary requirements, ensuring that each customer finds their perfect match without compromising on quality or security. From our basic models to luxury ones with unique finishes, our collection promises to meet diverse preferences.

Highlighted Features of Our Bespoke Communal Entrance Doors:

  • High-Grade Security: Each of our communal doors meets the EN 1627:2011 and PAS 24 security classifications, reinforcing their “secure by design” promise. Additionally, they are consistently tested for anti-burglary resistance, adhering to EN 1627:2011, A1:2016, and PAS 24 standards.
  • Robust Door Frame: Crafted with a reinforced steel frame, our doors promise unparalleled security and longevity. Our premium variant boasts a remarkable 115 mm thick steel panel.
  • Design Flexibility: Strength doesn’t translate to compromised aesthetics. Our doors can be tailored in terms of opening direction, structure, and design preference. A range of glazing options ensures added security and a pleasing aesthetic, allowing for partial or full glazing based on your vision.
  • Advanced Locking Mechanism: At the heart of our doors is a state-of-the-art multipoint locking system, heightening building security. Complemented by a special manganese plate, it offers enhanced protection against any drilling attempts.
  • Emphasis on Insulation: Recognising the need for effective insulation against potential fire hazards, our doors are designed with thermal insulation at their core, including a 60mm rock wool layer.

Join us in offering tailored and secure communal door solutions to discerning customers across various sectors.

Locking Mechanisms Types for Communal Entrance Doors

Lock Type Description
Deadbolt Lock A lock that can only be opened with a key or knob from the inside, providing high security.
Electronic Access Systems that use key cards, key fobs, or PIN codes to control access electronically.
Keyed Entry Lock A lock that uses a traditional key for entry, common in residential buildings.
Keyless Entry Lock Locks that use a keypad or smartphone app for entry, offering convenience and security.
Intercom Access Systems that require visitors to communicate with residents before gaining entry.

Choosing the Ideal Communal Entrance Door

Selecting the right operational type for security doors in workspaces or communal entrances can greatly influence user convenience. We present a range of such types for your discernment:

  • Swing Doors: These standard manually operated doors are a frequent choice for residential settings, making them one of the most sought-after doors for communal spaces.
  • Sliding Doors: Embrace modernity without compromising on comfort. Our stainless steel sliding doors, paired with an electronic access control system, offer seamless entry while retaining their robust nature.
  • Storage Doors: Specifically crafted for zones safeguarding valuables or inventory, these doors often incorporate security grilles for an additional layer of protection. Primarily found in business environments, their access controls can be tailored for both manual and automated usage.
  • Bespoke Options: We appreciate that one size doesn’t fit all. For those unique specifications of residential or workspace structures, our custom steel doors can be precision-engineered to match your exact requirements. From access control to other specificities, we mould as per your vision.

Should you be contemplating a customised door solution, our team stands ready to assist, ensuring your project’s success.

Join us in delivering these state-of-the-art door solutions to a discerning clientele.

Why Choose Our Communal Steel Doors?

Amongst a plethora of security door options, communal steel doors emerge as paramount for bolstering safety in high-traffic areas such as residences, business foyers, and corridors. Engineered for unmatched quality, durability, and security, these doors stand as the unrivalled choice for safeguarding both public and private entrances.

Whether your clientele seeks basic, utilitarian doors or desires luxurious models with opulent finishes, our commitment remains unwavering: to provide optimal bespoke communal door solutions guaranteeing the utmost protection of individuals and their cherished possessions.

Consult with Door World Experts

Safety regulations and building compliance are paramount. At Door World, we pride ourselves on offering guidance regarding bespoke communal door projects’ compliance and safety. Landlords and communal property developers must adhere to stringent Building Regulations, especially concerning fire safety.

Are you aware, for instance, that communal flat entrance steel doors within a building’s fire compartment need to be fire-resistant? Such doors play a pivotal role in fire precautions by containing fires and facilitating safe evacuations. If you aim to upgrade or introduce communal doors, contact us. Our expertise ensures product selections that elevate your property’s security, ensuring peace of mind for occupants.

FAQs – Communal Entrance Doors

Why are they essential?

Communal doors are pivotal for a building’s security and safety, restricting access to authorised persons and acting as a defence against potential threats.

Preferred lock types?

These doors should feature secure locks, like deadbolts or electronic access systems, aligning with or surpassing security standards.

Can extra keys be procured?

Access to supplementary keys is generally controlled by building management to retain security. Consult them for additional keys.

Lost key or access card procedures?

Immediately notify building management upon losing access instruments. They’ll assist with replacements and might implement interim security measures.

What if there’s a door issue, like a malfunctioning lock?

Report any communal door anomalies directly to the building management for prompt resolutions, ensuring sustained security.

Guests or deliveries via communal doors?

While guests or delivery personnel entry is usually permissible, prudence is essential. Recognise who you grant access to and avoid prolonged door propping, which can jeopardise security.

Should these doors remain shut?

To maintain security, communal doors should always be shut. Leaving them open can risk unauthorised entries, endangering inhabitants.

Maintenance frequency?

Though schedules differ, communal doors must be regularly maintained for optimal functioning. Building management generally manages and communicates maintenance timelines to residents.

Partner with us to offer cutting-edge door solutions that seamlessly blend aesthetics and unparalleled security.

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