service img Class 3

Our Class 3 security doors offer more than enough protection against forced entries and burglaries. The use of advanced designs and premium materials ensures optimal security for any property and boosts its visual appeal.

service img Class 4

Class 4 security doors are an ideal choice for properties or buildings seeking an additional layer of security to safeguard against unauthorized access and intentional acts of aggression.

service img Bulletproof

Our elegant steel door range offers more than just exceptional strength – they provide impenetrable security. With an extensive offering of blast-proof and bullet-proof security doors, our solutions can offer protection from more than just forced entries.

service img Side Gates

We understand that the security requirements of your home or business often extend beyond just the front door. With the implementation of multiple safety measures, our lightweight yet robust side-gates effectively safeguard your property by blocking access to alleys or passages, ensuring utmost protection.

service img Security Windows

We offer casement windows, double-hung windows, and sliding windows which are the most secure windows to prevent intruders. A window vibration sensor can be installed, and an alarm will sound if the window breaks.

service img Communal entrance doors

Protect your properties with our communal entrance doors, ensuring both security and peace of mind for residents against uninvited guests and potential break-ins. The Door World team boasts a rich portfolio, having successfully undertaken communal door projects throughout the whole world.

service img French doors

French doors by Door World have become a top pick for many clients. Whether you desire a specific size, shape, or design, we ensure these doors match any home’s aesthetic.

service img Fire exit doors

For homeowners seeking a blend of top-tier security and refined aesthetics in interior or front-facing doors, fireproof doors stand out as a superior choice. These doors provide the highest grade of fire resistance, ensuring the safety and enhancement of your home’s appearance.

service img Commercial Steel Doors

Not only do our steel doors incorporate the aesthetic qualities of a timber door, but they also bring forth the unmatched advantages of steel, including burglary resistance, fire resistance, noise reduction, and exceptional insulation against thermal variations, water, and wind.

service img Panic room and hidden doors

To bolster panic room security, we advocate pairing it with our specialised internal panic room doors. These installations epitomise security, serving as an unparalleled bulwark against potential threats.

service img Garage doors

Enhance your garage’s security starting with a fortified door. Residents shouldn’t delay – enhance your home security with our top-tier garage doors today!

service img Automated doors

Automated doors meets innovative design and unparalleled craftsmanship. We specialise in creating bespoke automated doors that blend robust functionality with striking aesthetics.

service img Trade doors

Doors for trade are not only robust and secure but also aesthetically pleasing, combining functionality with style. We offer an extensive selection to cater to various property types, locations.