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Why Choose Door World’s French Doors?

French doors by Door World have become a top pick for many clients. Whether there’s a need for a specific size, shape, or design, we ensure these doors will match any home’s aesthetic. We excel in crafting doors that not only fit regular homes but are also suitable for heritage houses, conservation areas, and even listed properties, always abiding by all necessary planning guidelines.

Key features:

  • Doors that respect historical aesthetics
  • Tailored to every dimension, form, and style
  • Reproduction doors suitable for preservation zones
  • Security doors mimicking those of protected structures
  • Traditional metalwork finishes
  • Options in faceted and leaded glass

French Doors by Door World: Features & Benefits

Feature Description Benefits
Design Customisable to any size, shape, or design. Perfectly complements any home aesthetic, including heritage and conservation properties.
Glazing Fully glazed, half-glazed, bevelled, and lead glass options available. Maximises natural light and offers tailored design aesthetics without compromising on security.
Security Glass High-security, axe-resistant P6b glass with options for P7b, P8b, BR4, and BR6 bulletproof variants. Ensures optimal safety against potential intruders and offers peace of mind.
Ironmongery Heritage ironmongery finishes and bespoke brushed aluminium pulls. Allows for a touch of tradition or modern flair, as per homeowner’s preference.
Locking System Multi-point locking system with advanced fingerprint recognition. Combines modern technology with robust security features.
Thermal Properties Triple glazing for excellent thermal insulation. Keeps homes warm in winter and cool in summer, enhancing energy efficiency.
Affordability Range includes cost-effective options without compromising on style or security. Suits varied budgets while ensuring homeowners don’t sacrifice quality or safety.
Frames Slimline frames for double French doors. Offers a sleek, modern design while maximising the glass area for more light.
Service Site visits, measurements, unique design creation, and installation. Ensures a seamless and tailored experience from start to finish.

Every Entrance: A Blend of Elegance and Security

At Door World, we champion the belief that every home entrance should merge beauty with paramount security. Thus, our range of side and back French doors uphold the same high standards of security and design as our front doors.

Boasting features like toughened safety glass, an advanced fingerprint recognition system, and custom brushed aluminium pulls, our products embody the perfect blend of security, modern elegance, and technological innovation to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of any space. For those with a taste for the traditional, we also offer heritage ironmongery finishes.

Illuminate with Security: Our Glazed French Patio Doors

Fully glazed French patio doors are a perennial favourite, offering a brilliant way to flood homes with light. However, with Door World, opting for glazed designs doesn’t equate to sacrificing security. We provide an extensive selection of ready-to-use glazed doors with high-security glass. For bespoke requirements, our doors can be tailored, even to the extent of including bulletproof glass. We also present both bevelled and lead glass designs, allowing clients to add a personalised design flair to their French doors.

Affordability Meets Security

Our collection also features cost-effective French doors, ideal for those seeking a blend of style, security, and affordability. Our team is on hand to visit, measure, design, and install, ensuring a perfect fit. Explore our gallery for a variety of fully glazed French door designs, some showcasing unique shapes and sizes for inspiration.

The Timeless Charm of French Patio Doors

French patio doors, known for their versatility and timeless beauty, remain in high demand.

They perfectly fit any property while ensuring top-notch security with our range. Although in existence for centuries, Timber French doors continue to be highly sought after to this day.

Advanced Security Features for Peace of Mind

All Door World French doors come with standard axe-resistant P6b glass, compliant with EN356 standards, ensuring resistance against potential intruders. For those desiring an even greater peace of mind, we offer enhanced security options, including the highest-rated anti-burglary glass, P7b and P8b, and bulletproof options like BR4 and BR6, as per EN1522 standards.

Innovative Designs without Compromising Security

Innovation is in our DNA. Our double French doors with slimline frames and locks offer an avant-garde design while ensuring unparalleled security. These doors are more than just entrances; they are luxury symbols, seamlessly connecting the home’s interiors with its exteriors, making transitions effortless and stylish.

Unrivalled Quality and Performance

Crafted with top-tier steel and furnished with burglar-resistant triple security glazing, our French doors guarantee an optimal safety level. Additionally, their thermal properties ensure homes remain comfortable across seasons. This balance of security, aesthetic appeal, and functionality is what distinguishes Door World in the door and window industry.

The Perfect Frame for Stunning Views

Be it to showcase a captivating garden or brighten up a courtyard space, Door World’s exterior French doors are essential for any homeowner prioritising both aesthetics and security.

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