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Wholesale panic room and hidden doors

At Door World, our paramount priority is the safety and security of our customers. One of our hallmark offerings is the creation of safe rooms, often termed ‘panic rooms’. These sanctuaries are meticulously designed to serve as an impenetrable shield for you and your loved ones in distressing circumstances such as break-ins or home invasions.

Our dedication to quality doesn’t waver when it comes to cost, as our panic rooms are both cost-effective and proficient. Regardless of whether you are looking for a residential or commercial premise solution, we’re equipped to retrofit safety chambers seamlessly, ensuring they remain inconspicuous, blending effortlessly with existing interiors.

Key features:

  • Offers ballistic protection FB6
  • Hidden door options available
  • Sliding door available
  • Automatic door available
  • Impenetrable security
  • Full panic room options available
  • Design protect your family

Door World’s Vault Doors: The Ultimate Security Choice

For those not seeking a full safe room, Door World proudly presents certified vault doors. These can be autonomously set within a concrete boundary or act as a robust gateway to your panic room. Notably, certain vault doors in our collection provide an astounding 120 minutes of fire resistance, complying with EI 120 standards, reflecting our unwavering commitment to safety.

Door World, known for its commitment to quality and security, brings you vault doors that epitomise the pinnacle of home protection. Our doors, a fusion of experience, engineering brilliance, and cutting-edge technology, are crafted for those who don’t compromise on security.

Unmatched Safety Features

At the heart of our offerings, our vault doors stand out with their electronic locks and dual locking mechanisms. Whether you envision creating a sanctuary for irreplaceable artefacts, like art or jewellery, or need an impregnable panic room for residents during unforeseen threats, we have the perfect solution.

European Standard Certification

Our products don’t just speak for themselves. They’re certified to European Standard EN1143-1. Not just that, models like our VD-3, VD-5, and VD-6 vault doors are acclaimed for offering 120 minutes of fire protection, adhering to EI 120 standards. Whether installed standalone, within a concrete barrier, or as part of sophisticated strongrooms, their security is unyielding.

Design & Functionality Hand in Hand

Meticulously designed with a minimum of seven moveable locking bolts, three distinct locks, and a host of other security features, Door World’s vault doors are the embodiment of safety. And with bespoke design options, they seamlessly integrate into the aesthetics of both homes and offices.

Flexible Installation

The flexibility doesn’t end at design. Be it a residence or a commercial establishment, our vault doors can be retrofitted anywhere, ensuring a stronghold for possessions or a safe retreat during emergencies.

Unparalleled Protection Levels

Tested rigorously, each of our vault doors provides varying protection levels, all excelling in break-in classifications and fire resistance. The assurance of security is further accentuated with high-security locking mechanisms, alarm sensors, and even bulletproof options.

Discreet Yet Powerful

Our forte at Door World lies in combining aesthetics with functionality. Many of our panic and safe rooms have concealed doors, so only the user is privy to their existence – a key feature when the need is to shelter without detection.

In a world of uncertainties, rest assured that with Door World, you’re partnering with a name that stands for unmatched security, stellar craftsmanship, and undying commitment to quality. Choose us, and let our products shield what’s dear to you.

Our advantages

Feature Description
Electronic Locks Advanced locking mechanisms ensuring impenetrable security.
Dual Locking Mechanism Reinforced protection through multiple layers of security.
European Standard Certification Vault doors are certified to European Standard EN1143-1.
Fire Protection Models like VD-3, VD-5, and VD-6 offer 120-minute fire protection (EI 120).
Flexible Installation Can be retrofitted anywhere, from homes to commercial establishments.
Varied Protection Levels Tested rigorously for break-in classifications and fire resistance.
High-security Locking Mechanisms Reinforced with alarm sensors and bulletproof options for extra safety.
Concealed Doors Doors designed to blend in, ensuring secrecy and discretion when needed.

Why Choose DOOR WORLD’s Vault Doors?

  • Safety Assurance: Our vault doors stand as an emblem of safety and security.
  • Customised Solutions: From design to functionality, tailor-made to suit your needs.
  • Trust & Reliability: Partner with a brand that’s synonymous with undying commitment to quality.

Selecting the Ideal Panic or Safe Room

Considering a panic or safe room for your home? With various options available, making the right choice might seem daunting. However, with proper planning and expert guidance, like what’s offered at Door World, this can be a straightforward project.

Here’s what you should keep in mind:

Structural Integrity

Walls, Floor & Ceiling: It’s paramount to ensure these components are robust and protective. They should offer maximal security without overly complicating the structure.
Our Solution: At Door World, we bolster room safety with steel panels. They elevate safety without compromising the room’s weight or usability.

Door & Window Features

Safe Room Doors: A stronghold is incomplete without a solid door. Our doors, available in various security levels, are built with sturdy steel frames and multi-locking systems.
Bespoke Options: For heightened security needs, we also offer bulletproof doors and windows. What’s more, they seamlessly blend with your interior design.

Communication & Monitoring

Safe rooms aren’t just transient security spaces. They’re designed to sustain occupants until help arrives, equipped with:

Essentials: Such as food, water, and alternative lighting.
Connectivity: Vital communication and surveillance systems ensure you’re never isolated. At Door World, we prioritise these installations.

Choosing the Right Location

If you’re retrofitting a panic room in an existing property, a site visit is invaluable. An optimal location isn’t always the obvious one. A central spot in the house, accessible from all areas, is often recommended. Surprisingly, a child’s bedroom can also be a top choice due to its unexpected nature.

Note: Windows in your chosen room aren’t a hurdle. Our custom solutions account for them, swapping them out for high-security or even bulletproof variants if needed.

What makes a safe room truly reliable?

  • Structural Fortification. Our safe rooms are fundamentally anchored by special steel beams. These beams robustly reinforce the walls, floor, and ceiling, ensuring the shelter’s integrity. Given the extra weight introduced by these enhancements, we often advise establishing or adapting an existing room on the ground floor to optimise its utility.
  • Secure Entry Points. A room’s strength also heavily relies on its doors. Steel remains our preferred choice, especially a double layer, rendering the shelter virtually impenetrable.
  • Locking Mechanism. While it might initially seem excessive, a robust deadbolt is crucial. Designed for optimal safety, the lock is positioned exclusively on the inside. Thus, once occupants are safely inside, the door remains firmly shut until it’s secure to venture out.
  • Livability & Sustenance. Emergencies often come without warning, leaving no time for preparations. Therefore, the safe room should be equipped not just for protection but for sustenance. This encompasses essentials like water, food, basic bedding, a toilet, and an alternative light source. Consider it less a luxury and more a contingency for prolonged stays.
  • Communication & Monitoring. In times of distress, having a mode of communication is pivotal. The safe room should be outfitted with tools to reach emergency services swiftly. Additionally, a surveillance system can offer a glimpse of the happenings in the rest of the residence, keeping you informed.

In essence, a safe room is not just about barriers; it’s about ensuring safety, sustenance, and connectivity during uncertain times.

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